Smart HR System

Complete integrated system for human resources management includes personnel, attendance, payroll, operations and revenue modules, developed in Qatar for the Qatari market.

SmartEmployee, a module of Smart HR system

Smart HR Desktop Launcher

One Windows application to launch all Smart HR modules.

  • SmartMap, Explore the distribution of your manpower on a map.
  • SmartEmployee, All About Personnel Management.
  • SmartAttendance, Leaves, Clocking & Attendance.
  • SmartPayroll, Payroll, Loans & Arrears.
  • SmartOperations, Accomodation & Work-location management.
  • SmartRevenue, The income when you hire your manpower.
My HR, A Page From Smart HR Portal

Smart HR Portal

Self-Service Web Portal that enables your employees to access their HR related information without the need to call or email HR Dept. staff.

  • My HR, gives access to Personnel information and history such as health insurance, awards, warnings, custodies...
  • My Payroll, gives access to salary details, payroll history, pay-slips, loan balance, deductions, arrears...
  • Executive Reports, gives access to HR executives to generate and view reports on the go

Smart HR is build for the Qatari Market

All Smart HR modules are built for the Qatari market based on the Qatari labor law by HR managers and employees who live and work in Qatar.

Smart HR system for SMBs

Choosing the basic modules of Smart HR System, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) can easily manage their HR needs for now and in the future.

Smart HR System for Large Enterprises

Smart HR System is implemented in companies with 10,000+ employees from the year 2014, we know exactly the needs of large enterprises.

Integration with existing ERP systems

You already have an ERP system, great, Smart HR System will integrate with your ERP system and work perfectly with your accounting and finance dept. team

Recipe For Success

The development team members of Smart HR System are formal HR employees who live and work in Qatar, we know the law, we know the traditions, we know the culture. It is a recipe for success

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