Complete Integrated System

Smart HR System provides 6 modules to help you manage your HR department, all the modules are developed in Qatar, acording to Qatari labor law, and with the help of HR managers and employees who live and work in Qatar

SmartEmployee, a module of Smart HR system


  • CV Management.
  • Visa, Contract, Passport & Resident Permit Management.
  • Compensation Management.
  • Insurance Management.
  • Custodies Management.
  • Warnings & Awards Management.
  • Appointments & Flight Management.
  • End of Service Management.
SmartAttendance, a module of Smart HR system


  • Leaves Management.
  • Clocking In/Out Management.
  • SMS & Email Notifications to employees who are late to work.
  • Timesheets Management.
  • Timesheets Management.
  • Absenteeism Management.
SmartPayroll, a module of Smart HR system


  • Loans Management.
  • Individual & Mass Deduction Management.
  • Individual & Mass Arrears Management.
  • Individual & Mass Salary Increase.
  • Unlimited Trial Runs for Payroll Sheet Review
  • Costing per Department, Project, Work-Location & Sponser.
  • Multible Payroll Groups and Polices.
SmartOperations, a module of Smart HR system


  • Site Jobs Management.
  • Accomodation Management.
  • Internal & External Clients Management.
  • Mobilization & De-Mobilization of Man-Power
  • Transfer Orders based on Work-Location and/or Site-Job.
  • Individual &Amp; Mass Transfer Orders.
  • Transfer History On Project Level & Employee Level.
SmartMap, a module of Smart HR system


  • Displays all work-locations, projects and banches.
  • Displays the number of assigned employees to each location.
  • Displays the actual number of present/absent employees in each location.
  • Can track history of attendance of all work-locations.
  • Gives detailed man-power distribution in one screen.
SmartRevenue, a module of Smart HR system


  • Client Site Job Rates Management.
  • Perfect and easy method to compare your timesheets with client's timesheets.
  • Displays the disputed hours between your timesheets and client's timesheets.
  • Generates Client Invoice based on Client Job tilte and Hourly rate.

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